About us

Over Ons | Skydesigns Lifestyle Fotografie
About us. Capturing he daily things in a beautiful and special ways. The little moments in life  who are often forgotten. Many people go to the studio to make pictures make there under the guise of “because we can not do it ourself” While it is so nice to have really nice, speaking photos in nice places or just in your immediate surroundings.

Create new memories as “when you know the Utrecht hills, the moor was just in bloom” or “When it was raining and we could steal shelter among the cows on a farm, what a cool pictures were it? “But these memories can just be with you at home, in the park, forest or just a special location that suits you. Memories such as “when Stijn was still in his room blue” or “used to be a park where you used to play, now there are houses” Again, these are memories that we will cherish our children are grown and they get married or self children receive.

Lifestyle photography is capturing real moments in our lives where we make new memories or old memories revive. We use elements of life, your home, family, business, hobby or environment with only the sun as our source.

Jonneke & Rose are two photographers who have beaten their hands together and cooperate on your precious memories. The first photographs while the other just edit the picture and knows how to put up a good story.

Together, we bring your story to life!